Visualizer of Sales, Inventory, Costs and Profits in one SCREEN

General Description 
Revenue is the most important factor for any company.  
It is worthless is you sale a lot of products with several
clients if you don't know how much are you earning on each
Today market needs demand a daily cash flow control to program
the payments for providers and keep a good inventory rotation.
All these aspects must be visualized as a complete scenario 
that tells you the story of the business transaction:
The main clients that buy your products at the best located stores
to the most dynamic sellers.  How much are you earning on each 
product sold, knowing what was the cost of it.  And how to keep
these high rotation products on the inventory and avoid products
with low sales that are money stalled.
The solution of myParm Cockpit and Early Warning System can 
give you all these information in one screen.  So you will take decisions
fast and focused on PROFITS!!!
myParm can be adapted to generate any other critical information for your 
Features of myParm Cockpit Early Warning System:
a) Charts on Sales and Profits to know how much money effectively is
a revenue.
b) Inventory rotation to keep the main products available for customers.
c) Stores, locations and sellers that are moving faster the inventory.
d) Costs of every product and providers to know how to better negotiate with
them based on:  
        d.1) Large quantity deals.
        d.2) Providers with better costs.
        d.3) Delivery time after the Purchase Order.
e) Lights red, yellow and green to show critical indicators
like need for reorder of products, low sales, etc.
f) Early Warning System indicators to prevent situations 
like low sales with low profit per product.
g) Fully integrated with your software system, databases and ERP.  myParm
has interfaces with world class ERP like SAP, JD Edwards and Oracle Financials.
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