Infrastructure needed for Data Analysis:  TOPTAL great potential opportunity

       Data has become a rich ingredient to take better decisions as never before in the computer era.  But the complexity to aquire, process and understand what data means has grown exponentially.  As an example of how difficult is to get relevant data, I can mention the following:

        a) Different formats.  As easy of comma separated format to complex packaged data like HDF used in satellite data.

        b) Integration of data of different sources and formats in a centralized database relational or OLAP to be analized.

        c) The tools to present the aquired data in user friendly statistics and charts.  Some of these toosl are expensive and complex like SAP Business Objects, Google Big Query and Pentaho.

       d) The most expensive and difficult to find resource to get information from data:  The human statistical mind.


       After 15 years of experience in software, analysis and Project Management I have the enough experience to do an INTEGRATION of solutions to get the right data and generate valuable information. has the best sofware engineers.  I like challenges and would like to develop complex projects that involve several integration of data for business intelligence.  I am sure that if TOPTAL gives me the opportunity I can do projects like the one I am more satisfied.  It is using satellite data from European and NASA satellites to measure the impact of droughts in Central America integrated with Google Maps.  I even present the results in Brussels, Belgium in June of this year.  

My expectations to work for TopTal are:

  1. To develop medium-long term projects.
  2. Projects with INTEGRATION of several sources data needs.  Centralized in one Information System.
  3. Analize data to do a continous improvement of systems.
  4. To get involved in international teams.

      I would like to be part of the TOPTAL JAVA Community to exchange knowledge of how to work relational databases and geo referenced data in Google MAPS API.


Hope to speak with TOPTAL representative soon and accept  a project challenge as a test that I can work for TOPTAL and their client portfolio.



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